Get Smart

We went to see the movie Get Smart while we were in S. Dakota. It was really entertaining,as good or better than the recent crop of Bond movies. Would you believe as as good as one of my favorites, True Lies?

Steve Carrell is excellent as Maxwell Smart, although he plays him a bit smarter than the original Maxwell Smart, almost too smart to be useful in the field. Anne Hathaway steals almost every scene as Agent 99; her comedic timing is excellent. And Dwayne Johnson is a hilarious, over-the-top super-agent – I confess to a teeny-tiny movie-star crush on him because he’s so Hollywood-perfect.

The writing is snappy and the action scenes move briskly; it’s very true to the timing and comedic feel of the original series. Many of the original gadgets are there, just as dysfunctional as they were in the series – the cone of silence, the shoe phone, the sliding doors, the phone booth. The dialogue is hilarious, very quotable, and I predict people will be tossing lines from this one around for many months to come.

It’s definitely worth the price of the ticket – a great popcorn movie.

One Response to “Get Smart”

  1. Anne C. Says:

    I just watched this too, Jeri. I agree it’s a great movie. I actually liked that Smart was smart (if a trifle accident prone). It made him more likeable, IMO. I get tired of bumblers like The Pink Panther.

    Great comedy actors (I heart DJ too) and great writing.