No Mooring

When we tool around the Puget Sound by boat, we see a lot of cool things that look different from the water. The area we live and moor our boat in is home to:

  • the Bremerton naval shipyards, where active aircraft carriers come to be refitted and old ones are torn down
  • the Bangor sub base
  • Keyport naval undersea warfare center, where Raytheon and other contractors work on naval weapons systems

Today, like we have many times before, we went past the last facility. On one end of the base, there is a somewhat dilapidated building on the water:

Keyport NUWC

It has a boldly posted across the breadth of the building that says “When light flashes, reduce speed to 3 knots.” The sign on the door, blown up and grainy because we were some distance away, reads:

Keyport Door

“Naval Undersea Warfare Center.” And, helpfully, “No Mooring.” Because, you know, if the light is flashing because they’re testing torpedoes, I think I’d zip right up and TIE UP alongside! That would be FUN!

Today, there was a light flashing. I don’t think it was the actual warning light, it was just a little light, but we took no chances. We slowed down to 3 knots, no wake, until we got past the facility.

Obviously, we made the right choice. We made it home with our boat in one piece.

One Response to “No Mooring”

  1. Bill Says:

    That gives new meaning to the term “Fish in the Water”.