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Get Smart

We went to see the movie Get Smart while we were in S. Dakota. It was really entertaining,as good or better than the recent crop of Bond movies. Would you believe as as good as one of my favorites, True Lies?

Steve Carrell is excellent as Maxwell Smart, although he plays him a bit smarter than the original Maxwell Smart, almost too smart to be useful in the field. Anne Hathaway steals almost every scene as Agent 99; her comedic timing is excellent. And Dwayne Johnson is a hilarious, over-the-top super-agent – I confess to a teeny-tiny movie-star crush on him because he’s so Hollywood-perfect.

The writing is snappy and the action scenes move briskly; it’s very true to the timing and comedic feel of the original series. Many of the original gadgets are there, just as dysfunctional as they were in the series – the cone of silence, the shoe phone, the sliding doors, the phone booth. The dialogue is hilarious, very quotable, and I predict people will be tossing lines from this one around for many months to come.

It’s definitely worth the price of the ticket – a great popcorn movie.

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My Celebrity Lookalikes

Most look nothing like me and they’re mostly guys. I’m especially fond of the Ted Bundy and Brad Richards matches – those are special.

However, I can concede (and be pleased with!) a resemblance to Liv Ullman and Carl Sagan. Now if only I had a brain like Sagan…

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States Visited

As we were driving across the very large Western states, Bryan and I got to thinking – how many of the states have we visited? I came up with 32 34 35, plus Washington DC. I had a little help from my parents, who drove cross-country a couple of times on different routes.

New Jersey
New Mexico
New York*
North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota
Washington DC
West Virginia

The asterisk (*) is for airports only – I’m not entirely sure they really count. I should certainly be able to make it to the other 15 states in the next 25 years or so. :)

What states have you visited?

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Possible Weirdness

I am upgrading WordPress to v. 2.5.1 tonight, hopefully fixing my sidebar widgets problem – so if you experience site weirdness, please let me know! Thanks much for your testing help. :)

Update: version upgrade is done and tests fine, but sidebar widgets are still a problem. I don’t know if it’s a theme issue or a WP issue. It’s going to be a crazy week at work, first and foremost, so I won’t have a lot of time for other technical stuff.

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We’re Back

We pushed hard and made it all the way back from South Dakota to the Seattle area in just two days. It was a little crazy, going from the great plains to the Rockies to the desert to the Cascades to rain forest in just hours of driving.

On the way back we detoured to alpha geek destination Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. It’s the starring location of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Why aliens would choose to come to earth at Devil’s tower (or Roswell, NM), I wouldn’t know. if I were an alien, I’d choose Beijing, Rome, or Mexico City – historically significant AND highly populated. I hope Zach and Ben don’t start sculpting their mashed potatoes into tower shapes now.

Devil\'s Tower
Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

We also stopped and spent a quiet hour at the site of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, in Montana. The battleground is peaceful now, the rolling hills are blanketed in waving grass, wildflowers, and sprinkled with gravestones. A Crow Indian ranger related the history of the events leading up to the battle and described the conflict itself – she was a very good storyteller and made the site come alive.

Here they lie
Cavalry soldier’s grave

Here they lie 2
Cheyenne warrior’s grave

It was a lot of driving and we are very glad to be back home. Our doggies missed us and were happy to see us.

Grave site photos by Zach – who is now going through his 10,000 (seriously) photos from the trip to post a gallery up on his deviant art site.
Mileage total: 615 miles for a total of 2,945 miles
Road reading: The Dragon’s Nine Sons by Chris Roberson
Gas price: back in the land of $4.27 a gallon :( but we heard rumors of $3.69 a gallon in Cheyenne, WY

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