Iris are in Bloom!

It’s Magic Iris – my favorite

Heart of Darkness Iris – Bryan’s favorite

Over Alaska Iris – also gorgeous

4 Responses to “Iris are in Bloom!”

  1. kim Says:

    They are gorgeous! I wish i could get flowers like that to grow..but for some reason, i seem to kill them all off..except for roses…and i don’t like roses. When we moved here, the previous owners had multiple rose bushes (read HUNDREDS). I dug them up and succeeded in getting rid of all but three. THEY WILL NOT DIE. I have poured gasoline, vinegar, salt, chopped them down, dug them up..and they still come back.
    SO…they stay. I figure they have earned the right to live here now.

  2. Michelle K Says:

    I love that Over Alaska Iris! Gorgeous!

    There’s something about blues in flowers that I love. Lots of purples and greens, but the true blues are more rare.


  3. Beast Mom Says:

    Those are stunning.
    I should try to grow some of these types of irises. I bought the other skinny kind and the slugs totally demolish them. I was told slugs don’t even like irises, but the slugs in MY yard do.


  4. Anne C. Says:

    Oooh, pretty!