Blog Problems, Part 327

My blog, she is broken. Again. Apparently comments don’t work for external users – although Bryan and I can comment all day long, as logged-in users.

I love troubleshooting blog stuff. Love it! I’ll let you know when either 1) it’s fixed, or 2) I’ve deleted the whole thing and taken up needlepoint.

Update: It’s fixed now, and the performance is dramatically improved. I’m going to need to restore the customization a step at a time, and test. It’s nice to be up and running again. Lessons learned:

  • I’m so glad I backed up everything before embarking upon this adventure!
  • Don’t start a major application upgrade or fix at 10am on a workday.
  • Read the fine print. I was able to export my database for backup – but it was too big to import, and my hosting provider doesn’t allow SSH connections to shared hosting accounts.
  • Manually upgrading is more complex and risky than the hosting provider’s push-button automated upgrade.
  • Did I mention that I’m so glad I backed up both the entire site & the database?

I’ll try 2.5.1 and SQL 5.0 again when I have lots of time to spend on it.

4 Responses to “Blog Problems, Part 327”

  1. Bill Says:

    I was able to post yesterday

  2. Bill Says:

    And it seems I can post today. Am I magic?

  3. Nathan Says:

    Yes Bill. You are magic. My pixie-dust was woefully lacking. And I totally can’t remember what I was going to try to tell you yesterday.

    As someone once said similarly, somewhere, please imagine that I said something brilliant to you and that I typed it and that I successfully posted it and because you read it you had a life-changing epiphany and proclaimed me to be a genius.

    Well, whoever said it didn’t say exactly that, but that was the gist anyway.

  4. Jeri Says:

    Actually, Nathan, Bill’s magic was that he does not have a blog. If the commenter did not enter anything as their website, he could post; add a website and it did that odd, broken page refresh thing.

    But it’s fixed now. LOL