Notes on Site Health

As I have mentioned before, I am having a challenge with my comment spam filter. Akismet seems to have gotten more aggressive in the last couple of weeks, corraling perfectly innocuous comments by regular commenters. I’m not sure if I can adjust that in any way.

Also, my site continues to have intermittent slowdowns. I’m not sure if it’s my hosting server, a WP installation or database problem, or what… except I’m pretty confident it’s not network on my end. All other sites resolve fine, and others occasionally report the same slow experience. I’m on hold right now w/ my hosting provider.

One Response to “Notes on Site Health”

  1. Jeri Says:

    Update: my hosting provider has fixed the most obvious problems – page errors, database errors – but it’s still slow as can be. I may be shopping for a new one… what a pain!