iPhone Shuffle

Zach, my mad scientist son, has a new product idea.

The iPhone is cool. The packaging, the features, the gee-whiz graphics all shout “I am an alpha-geek gadget hound”.

But, it’s a little big and clunky, and it’s way expensive. (And it’s locked to freaking AT&T, but that’s a different subject.)

For those that want something smaller, less expensive, but equally as cool: the iPhone ShuffleTM.

iPhone Shuffle

  • Want to look at a photo? Your Shuffle will display a random image from the pictures you’ve uploaded… even has a slideshow functionality.
  • Listening to music? It will use the same music shuffle technology you know and love from your Shuffle.
  • Browsing the web? Don’t worry about typing in those pesky URLs. The Shuffle uses Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” search randomizer to provide you with new, cool content.
  • Want to read email? The Shuffle will display any of your recent emails for you; for more Shuffle fun, try sending a message!
  • And, last but far from least, be adventurous! Your Shuffle has two dialing modes: randomized contact list, and global random number generator. Making calls on your shuffle is more fun than a party line!

Zach’s concept drawing is here. He and I disagree as to whether the Shuffle requires a touch screen.

The new iPhone ShuffleTM will be sold in random AT&T wireless locations. If you see one, snap it up! I’m sure Shawn will review one when they become available for retail purchase.

2 Responses to “iPhone Shuffle”

  1. Nathan Says:

    Excellently Evil…especially the involuntary connection to Dominos.

  2. Barb R Says:

    Hahaha! What a funny concept….er, wait a minute, is that Apple coming out with a new announcement?