Not a Cat Picture*

Empress Lyza

Empress Lyza, in her La-z-boy reclining throne, commands, “Bring me bacon, cook-slave!”

Lyza was 14 in November, and is still fine and feisty. Her only complaints are that she’s stone deaf, which isn’t a problem for her, and she has old-age asthma. While her eyes are a little cloudy now, she does not have cataracts, her glowing eyes are just from the camera flash. Lyza is a retired show champion Tibetan Spaniel; we adopted her from the breeder when she couldn’t have puppies.

*Picture is posted per the little-known blog regulation that mandates all blogs post a periodic cat picture. We at Smug Puppies hope that dog pictures are an acceptable alternative. If you don’t like it, Lyza will rip your face off.

18 Responses to “Not a Cat Picture*”

  1. Nathan Says:

    Lyza will rip your face off.

    Well I don’t doubt it with that “pit of Satan” stare.

    And, I’m honored by the link. Truly honored.

  2. MWT Says:

    Hmmm… that pet cat picture thing has apparently gone viral. Scalzi was where it all came from originally.

  3. Michelle K Says:


    Now I’m not in compliance for posting any pictures of my cats in years!

    And I think it predates Scalzi. I thought Kevin Drum started it with his Friday Cat Blogging.

  4. Nathan Says:

    Oooh! Jeri fixed my comment. Thanks.

    And no, the rest of you don’t get to know what stupid thing I did.

  5. Jeri Says:

    Nathan, she’s only part time demonic, at her age she spends most of her time napping.

    Yes, in WordPress, I can edit any comment – but mostly only do it if someone notices their own mistake. Ok… I’ve been known to occasionally fix a typo or two as well, because I’m compulsive that way. But I never change content. LOL

  6. Jeri Says:

    Well, Michelle, it sounds like it’s gonna be Cat Photography time for the the Random Family. :)

    Nathan, I didn’t know this one was viral. I’m not a huge blog meme fan but occasionally one comes along that I enjoy enough to do on its own merits. I am especially annoyed by the ones that require you to ‘tag’ someone. Most of my online acquaintances are rugged individualists!

  7. Janiece Says:

    Lyza will rip your face off.

    Hm. I’m thinking Boogie the Giant Schnauzer would consider Lyza a light snack. Unless she growled at him, in which case he would run away. Because he’s really just a big wimpie.

  8. Nathan Says:


    May I remind you that I’m a total Nuuuuuuub? Until fairly recently, I considered my laptop to be, at worst a shiny doorstop, and at best, a really bright typewriter.

    I kinda know what a meme is. I can guess at “viral” and it doesn’t sound like something I want. I haven’t got a clue about “tagging” someone.

    BTW, I ran across another thoroughly evil Lunatic Idea for another blogosphere event. I’ll hold it in abeyance until we’ve all had a chance to recover from that (word redacted)™ thing.

  9. Jeri Says:

    This is the classic definition of meme:

    A unit of cultural information that represents a basic idea that can be transferred from one individual to another, and subjected to mutation, crossover and adaptation.

    As applied to blogs, it typically refers to a list of questions or a specified subject that is copied and answered by many bloggers – like “Friday Five”.

    Tagging is usually a part of most blog memes, it’s a way of propagating them. “List eight weird things about yourself that no one knows, and then tag eight other bloggers in your post, asking them to do the same.”

    Going viral can be related to a meme – or not – it just means that the content catches fire and becomes immensely popular, highly emailed & linked to, like Scalzi’s BaconCatTM. It is a good thing, you want to spread this kind of virus.

    And re: the lunatic idea/meme/viral thingy, I’m afraid. Very afraid. ;)

  10. Jeri Says:

    Janiece, in spite of her ferocious appearance, Lyza has never growled once in the 8 years she’s owned us. As our other, more puppyish dogs have found out, she’s pretty difficult to chew on, they can’t get past all that hair!

    She and Boogie would probably get along just fine. LOL

  11. Nathan Says:

    I’m afraid. Very afraid.

    Its probably something I’ll only do on my blog and invite everyone to play there. OTOH, if the entire UCF did it, it would definitely produce some “confused Grabills”.

  12. Tom Says:

    Jeri, according to this comment, 2 dog pics are equal to one cat pic. I won’t go into “pics of 2 dogs” vs “2 dog pics” or “one dog pic today and another on Tuesday” but at least you should be able comply with Section XII, Subsection III, Paragraph II.

  13. Nathan Says:

    What is it called when someone (word redacted)™s in my name?

  14. Jeri Says:

    A copycat crime?

  15. Tom Says:


  16. Nathan Says:

    ::bows to the left, bows to the right, accepts tossed bouquets of roses::

    Excellent work Jeri. Caesar’s Palace wants us to open for Tom Jones next month. What’s your schedule like?

  17. Jeri Says:

    I’m actually going to be in Vegas for a few days mid-month – we can see if that works out for Tom. :)


  18. Nathan Says:

    Hey kids,

    This thing spread even further than we knew.
    Behold our evil powers.