More Hijacking: Books

Many of us are book-lovers… shoot, that’s why we like Scalzi & his site!

What is the most striking book you’ve read in the last year or so, and why? And for extra bonus points, if you’re a writer wannabe like me, which writer’s style do you most admire?

I read so fast and so voraciously, it’s hard to remember very far back — but I think the most striking recent book I’ve read was Dust, by Elizabeth Bear. While I’d love to be able to write like Connie Willis, my style doesn’t really go that direction; I’d say that a better target for me is Kristine Smith.

2 Responses to “More Hijacking: Books”

  1. Tom Says:

    Anne C., hehe. Twice. :)

  2. MWT Says:

    *snickers at Janiece*

    Yeah see, I don’t dare put up any new posts until this whole (retarded!) mess is over. ;)