New Year’s Eve 2007

What do you do for New Year’s?

The holiday brings out the cranky, middle aged me. We don’t go to parties – why risk the roads, and make arrangements for the kids and dogs should we decide to stay overnight? Plus, I rarely drink at all, alcohol is a migraine trigger for me.

So, we stay home, play board games, watch movies, and tune the tv to the crowd at Times Square when it nears midnight. We open a bottle of champagne, and I drink about 1/2″ worth. The last few years, our family has made fondue on New Year’s eve; cheddar beer fondue for a main course, and chocolate fondue for dessert. We get annoyed at the neighborhood fireworks; we live near a reservation, so they’re plentiful, and they stress the dogs and cost us sleep.

I gave the boys the option of going over to Seattle to the giant street party and fireworks display at the Space Needle, but they said they’d rather hang out at home, warm and dry.

On New Year’s day we take down the Christmas decorations and stow them away. My mom has an open house, but we were on the road so much at Christmas we’ll probably stay home for New Year’s day. (Plus, I’d just as soon not share my head cold with the world.)

I try not to make resolutions, nor dwell on the ones that I tried not to make last year.

What do you and yours do to celebrate the holiday?

12 Responses to “New Year’s Eve 2007”

  1. Janiece Says:

    This year we’re opening the rest of the loot with the family members who were elsewhere on Christmas Day. And grazing. Can’t forget that.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    We are staying home. No need/nor want, to be out with the potential drunk drivers tonight. And with the way that my neck is feeling, why chance it? Mitch is picking up take out, we have movies from Netflix, and a fire in the fireplace. The tree is down, what more could I want?


  3. Jim Wright Says:

    We stay home. No way I’m driving out there in the Alaskan dark with people that have more alcohol than hemoglobin in their veins.

    We go next door to our neighbor’s house for a drink and conversation – and we’re usually home in bed before 10 PM.

    Happy 2008, one year closer to January 2009 (not that I’m counting or anything)

  4. Random Michelle K Says:

    My husband, my grandmother and I stayed home. We played a game of hearts, a game of yhatzee, several rounds of dominoes, and then watched the ball drop on TV (as close to a crowd as I like to get.)

    Then I washed 2007 off me with a nice hot shower, and now I’m relaxing before I go sleep.

    Perfect evening as far as I’m concerned.

    And Happy New Year!

  5. Nathan Says:

    GF and I went to Times Square to welcome 2000. I kept obsessing over the fact that “the new millennium” was still another year away. She kept obsessing that I should shut up.

    Anyway, it was a blast. We claimed our spot around 2:00pm. We had the map from the Daily News that told us where all the food vendors and port-o-potties were. We then discovered that if we left to patronize any of those, the cops wouldn’t let us back in. GF read “The Green Mile” from cover to cover while waiting for the ball to drop. It really was fun, but since then, we spend New Year’s Eve comfy on the couch.

    And, did anyone else doubt the tag that said “LIVE” over Dick Clark’s shoulder?

  6. Nathan Says:

    BTW, the previous post was a “reminiscence”. I have not neglected to be conscious of the intervening 8 years.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Holy Says:

    Our New Year’s Eves sound identical to yours….

    Although I miss the pomp and hooplah of big festive parties but since kids, we’ve tended to stay home and do nibblies and game night.

    We had some neighbor friends over last night, played games, they left before midnight because she was sick with a bad cold – and as it turns out, we forgot to even crack open the champagne.

    I spilled hot candle wax on the white carpet – burgundy as it turns out – thank God for google remedies of paper towel and low-setting irons….there is only the slightest faded blemish to remind us….

    Anyhoo, happy new year to you and Bryan – hope you have an awesome 2008..

  8. Jeri Says:

    Janiece – hope Santa v.2 treated you well!

    Becca – hope your neck feels better soon, and the doctor’s visit tomorrow helps.

    Jim – you must have a fireworks-free neighborhood – although we were tempted to go to bed at 11pm anyway.

    Michelle – I’m with you – although the street parties look fun on tv, I’m sure I would be WAY annoyed with the crowds too.

    Nathan – so once you entered times square, you couldn’t visit the doggone restroom? Yikes, I wouldn’t have made it 2pm – 1am. Thanks for sharing your memory of that – as above, I’ve always thought it’d be fun, in theory. We didn’t watch Dick Clark – but ::snicker:: at the innuendo. Seattle has a Space Needle fireworks & music show that is cool to watch, although this year it was a dud w/ computer control problems.

    Holy, glad you had a fun game night – and good for you on getting the carpet clean. I hate it when you make the first real mess in the new house… We opened the champagne, it wasn’t all that good, I dumped most of my tiny non-migraine-inducing serving out.

    Happy 2008, all! :)

  9. Brenda Says:

    We stayed home, too, and then toasted sparkling cider with the kids while counting down to ‘Midnight’ at 9:00 p.m. Thank goodness for no annoying neighborhood fireworks this year, just a light dusting of snow. It was all very pleasant for us. :)

  10. Beast Mom Says:

    Did much of the same, except we slept over at a friend’s house, dry and safe. Scrabble throwdown!


  11. Tanya Says:

    Logan & I went over to my parents’ house. Taylor (bro) got The Goonies for Christmas so we watched that. Logan made it all the way to midnight. He loved the hats and noise makers my Mom had :)

    Mike stayed home with a sore throat.

    We are such party animals ;)

  12. Jim Wright Says:

    I don’t exactly have a ‘neighborhood,’ and unless a moose stirs up the dogs it’s usually pretty quiet.