Taking Cover

HelicoptersMy family room is a dangerous place today. The dogs are hiding out on the back porch, and I’m typing this with a sofa pillow held over my head.

It’s raining helicopters.

My husband asked for a pair of mini R/C helicopters for Christmas, and he and the younger son are flying them now.

They are small, erratic aircraft with sharp little rotors and highly limited actual remote control. If they clip anything – the ceiling, the wall, another chopper, they immediately fall from the sky onto who or whatever is underneath them. (I’d assume this is fairly similar to real helicopters. ;) )

While the guys are having great fun, I think it’s time for the dogs and I to beat a strategic withdrawal to somewhere safe, like my home office. With the doors closed.

5 Responses to “Taking Cover”

  1. Nathan Says:

    I guess its a good thing you didn’t get them one of these.

  2. Janiece Says:

    Hehe. I’m going to keep that link to myself, Nathan. If I show it to the boy, I’m sure we’ll have one fully assembled in the back yard within a month, and the loud neighbors would make the perfect targets.

  3. Jeri Says:

    Hah. We actually have one, or more accurately had one. The younger son made one last spring in tech ed class. It wasn’t very sturdy, thank goodness!

  4. Nathan Says:

    Yeah, but I was thinking more about how much fun they could have with it in the living room.

  5. Janiece Says:

    Nathan, now I’ll definitely be keeping that link to myself. I don’t think the dog would appreciate being the target, and I know I wouldn’t. Yikes!