Mini and Me

I’ve never been a huge car person. I like them. I enjoy long drives, even, but I’m no Speed Racer. I’ve never liked to work on them, though my parents (correctly, in my view) insisted that I learn enough to take care of one when I was a younger.

At some point in the last couple of years, I sort of had a thing about Mini Coopers. In spite of my big size, and the (obvious) smallness of the make, I wondered what they’d be like to drive. We even stopped by the Mini dealer here in the Seattle area, and I took a quick spin in one. Fun. Very fun, and very cool. “Someday,” I thought. I went to and built one, for fun too.

Then of course, quite recently, I blogged about how silly commercials showing folks getting cars for Christmas are. Get real, I said.

bryansmini.jpgSo then Jeri surprised me with a Mini. Well, a model Mini, a keychain for a Mini, and an appointment with the dealer to order it.

So the picture above what it’ll look like; yes, its a convertible. :-) They are a kick in the pants to drive (I’m getting a manual 5-speed), very low to the ground but sturdy. Nice and roomy in the front, but the back “seat” is a joke, and pretty much an admitted one. they get great reviews, hold their value well, and get super good gas mileage…not like a hybrid, but very good. It has a nice package of options, including a very nice stereo system my Ipod will hook to.

Anyway, I’m psyched, and I’ve been showing off the pics and the model at the office enough that I’m sure everyone hates me now.

bryansmini2.jpgHere’s another pic of one that’s pretty close to the one I’ll be getting that was at the dealership. Mine gets here in March.

So here’s to my wonderful wife for having us do something fun and getting the Mini for me. This one might also get something I haven’t done to a car…give it a name. Any suggestions?

4 Responses to “Mini and Me”

  1. Shawn Powers Says:

    Martha Stewart?







    Yeah, I wasn’t allowed to name our kids either…

  2. Michelle Says:

    I like Vinny!

  3. Jeri Says:

    You deserve it! :) And as far as big boy toys go, it’s not a huge deal, it’s not like you wanted a convertible Porsche.

    My friend Steph at has named her VW bug Henry. Do cars get named same gender or cross gender of their owners? Perhaps a very British name might be in order — John, Charles, Harry – or Elizabeth (Liz), Katie, Margaret (Meg, Molly)?

    Vinny is cool too.

  4. Janiece Says:

    I’m voting Maggie. As in Margaret Thatcher. ‘Cause she was the bomb.

    And Jeri, you are a Hot Chick. Go Jeri!