Bad Ads

There are some commercials that are funny or mildly entertaining. Others are brutally annoying and must die. They don’t sell the product…in fact, in some cases I have blotted out what the commercial is meant to sell. A common thread here, I think, is that ad campaigners don’t get the concept that certain things are only funny once; sometimes they weren’t even funny that time. Anyway, here’s my short list of commercials/ad campaigns that must die:

1. The “Duh” car commercials. I honestly can’t tell you even which car maker these commercials are for. The first one a few months ago was funny – once. The Christmas ones are excruciatingly annoying.

2. The Visa commercials where someone breaks the lovingly staged symphony of folks using their card to buy anything. In particular, the food court one. Does anybody really enjoy or think it’s cool to buy a freaking taco with a credit card unless you just have to? Puh-lease.

3. The Nissan Rogue commercials where the whole city is that metal ball and holes game that people give at office parties and no one really plays with. This may be skewed by the fact that we watch Heroes and Nissan practically owns that show, and this commercial comes on at least 5 times in the hour. Enough already, the concept is lame.

4. I like the Geico commercials in general, especially the celebrity interpretation ones…but let’s get rid of the annoying Cockney-accented tea-slurping gecko. Or give the voice back to Kelsey Grammer, when the gecko was cool.

5. Any ad where a car or a $50K piece of jewelry is a surprise gift. Get real.

6. Prescription drug ads. All of them, but erectile drug ads first. All such ad campaigners must be made to suffer the side effects listed if they aren’t pulled now.

Jeri doesn’t like the “Slowski” Comcast commercials, the “Maniac” Kia commercial, and the Quisno’s “Sammy” commercials (“I hate you” “Wow…really?”). I only find the later moderately annoying. Anything making fun of Flashdance or talking turtles is gold, however.

2 Responses to “Bad Ads”

  1. TVjunkie Says:

    I agree with you on the Lexus commercials. Nobody gets one of those for Christmas!!! I’m not a big fan of the Miller Lite commercials with the more taste league. Those are horrible attempts at humor. I kind of like the Nissan Rogue commercial though. It’s a play off of these funny online videos going around:

  2. Mini and Me Says:

    [...] of course, quite recently, I blogged about how silly commercials showing folks getting cars for Christmas are. Get real, I [...]