Sore But Happy

Bandaidsea.gifIt has been a tough couple of weeks for me, as Jeri has hinted at. I’ve had a couple of minor surgeries, nothing long term threatening but very uncomfortable and extremely inconvenient to those with whom I work and, more important, to those who I love. I want to thank them for their patience and help through this. I think I’m heading the right direction and am starting to feel on-the-mend.

All of this started, actually, at the San Francisco Monday night game. I began to feel ill during the game and was sick by the time I got home. Great game for the team, at least, a nice nationally-televised shut-out. The Niners are truly awful, though, just nothing going on offensively, and their defense, like ours, gets worn out if the offense doesn’t produce.

matt-hasselbeck.jpgSo then came Chicago, the game that was supposed to be a Sunday night national telecast, but NBC “flexed” it back to FOX and the afternoon…so the Peacock net could show a huge blowout by the Patriots over the Bills. Getting the last laugh, the Seahawks-Bears game was a good one, with the Bears jumping on top early, the Hawks (mostly Matt, in spite of being hurt) putting on a great offensive show to pull well ahead, then hang on to win. Hasselbeck is having a really solid year, very quietly, pushing a team crippled by the loss of Shaun Alexander and a revolving door at the receiving spots due to injuries. My guess is that Alexander is done, without the team really realizing it. Mo Morris has played very well…he’s not Shaun when Shaun is hot, but he’s a good back. The offense has functioned better by going pass-first, run-second with Morris hitting the holes that are there hard, without fear. My parents came to visit, and Dad got to go and took Zach, so that was good.

So now the Hawks are 6 – 4, six games remaining, no one with a winning record on the remaining schedule, and playing the Rams in St. Louis tomorrow. The Rams are trying way too hard to salvage what started as an 0 – 8 debacle, which of course makes me very nervous. They need to just relax and take the high draft choice. With Dallas and Green Bay at a loss each, looks like the Blue Men are likely the third seed in the NFC playoffs, with one home playoff game, and then a steep uphill climb to stay alive, as the wild card team that will come to play them will quite likely have a better record.

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