Rainy Halloween

Jack O’LanternAs a former Alaskan, I have to observe that it just doesn’t feel like Halloween without snow.

More often than not, Anchorage celebrates a white, frigid Halloween. Kids either find costumes big enough to fit over parka, gloves, hat & winter boots – or just wear a really cool mask over their everyday coat.

The plow berm along the edge of streets & driveways is often a couple feet tall by the end of October, so there’s no cutting through yards. Parents shiver in the dark street as their sugar-fueled offspring dash up and down driveways. Pumpkins, favorite snack food of wandering moose, are frozen solid on front porches, and if it’s windy, the candles won’t stay lit.

The candy haul is usually self-regulated by the amount of time parents and kids are willing to brave the cold.

Now, in the wet green Puget Sound area, the biggest challenge to the Halloween adventure is the rain. Makeup jobs are especially vulnerable! Trick or treaters juggle a candy bag, a flashlight and an umbrella, and try to miss the biggest puddles.

My oldest is beyond trick or treating, although he still enjoys wearing costumes if the occasion is right. My youngest should be, in my opinion… When you’re 15, 6’2”, and shave before you put on your mask, you might want to think carefully about your evening’s plans. It doesn’t matter to him, though, a gang of kids from school are going and he’s going to tag along. He borrowed Bryan’s infamous Klingon gear and will be wandering around like a Star Trek extra.

I hope everyone has a great evening, with lots of cute, benign trick-or-treaters on your doorstep, a fun time with your kids, and all the chocolate you desire. Save the Mounds and Hershey’s special dark for me. ;)

2 Responses to “Rainy Halloween”

  1. Shawn Powers Says:

    I’ll split my Milk Duds with you, but you HAVE to share the dark chocolate bars…

    I’d love to have a Klingon outfit. All we have around our house is pink and frilly. 3 girls, and 3 girly girls at that. Mom’s pretty girly too, so it’s just me and the dog. And he’s neutered…

  2. Bill Says:

    It will be rainy here in Anchorage tonight too. Alaska weather isn’t what it used to be. When I was a kid everyone wore snowmachine suits as their costume. We did walk house-to-house, we snowmachined.