New Office

Westlake ParkOver the last week, my office has moved. The new office is pretty fabulous- it’s in the white building right behind the plaza.

We used to be in the lovely and historic Smith Tower, on the edge of Pioneer Square. Because the building has applied for permits to convert to condominiums, each office must move out as its lease expires.

Project managing the details of an office move is annoyingly tedious, especially when your resources are limited. The various bits & pieces include:

  • lease details
  • the improvements and refitting of the new space
  • office layout design
  • the physical move
  • the fairly complex technical details
  • disentanglement from the old space.

We had a point person on the refitting, office layout and physical layout – and he rocked! My focus was the technical detail and implementation, which didn’t come together quite so smoothly because it was late getting kicked off and we had some service delivery issues. It’s almost done now – we’re just missing a few little details like a printer/fax machine (tomorrow). And Seattle dial tone. ;)

The location is lovely, in the heart of downtown, right across from Westlake Center mall and fronting Westlake Park. We have huge glass windows and can watch the fairly fascinating park happenings all day long. We see leaf blowing, downtown volunteers assembling, the fountain being turned on (and back off, when a prankster puts soap in it), goth kids, executives, homeless, transvestites, retail fashion victims, street musicians, preachers, drug dealers, and many, many pigeons. On Saturday (move-in day) there was a zombie march and choreographed Thriller performance in the park.

There is a fabulous coffee shop across the street in Westlake Center, Dilettante Mocha Café, with 8 different varieties of mocha. I highly recommend the 63% dark chocolate mocha – and will have to ration myself. The mall also boasts an excellent international food court with about 20 different small, inexpensive restaurants.

We are a couple blocks from Pike Place market, Pacific Place mall, the major downtown hotels, the convention center and the opera house. There are so many shops and restaurants in a 5-block radius I could live here and never send a dime of my paycheck home. I may be trekking across to work in-office more often – and my kids will be volunteering to go to work with me for the day!

6 Responses to “New Office”

  1. Shawn Powers Says:

    Wow. My office has 2 windows, both of which point into a hallway, and both of which are covered with cardboard. The room next to me is filled with noisy, hot servers, and I don’t even have a mini-fridge. :) But I’m not bitter…

    Seriously, though, it looks awesome.

  2. Beast Mom Says:

    Hey, that’s a really nice spot to work. Everything at your finger tips. :) Watch out for the lunchtime shop-a-holic disease! You’re in the heart of everything fashionable!


  3. Beast Mom Says:

    p.s. NaNoWriMo begins very soon. I don’t think I’ll be blogging much in Nov!

  4. Jeri Says:

    Shawn, I’ve worked in server rooms – specifically, my desk backed up against the racks – before. It’s nice to have windows & a little room now. School & district office space always seems to be pretty bare bones functional…

    Christina, I’m not so much a fashion hound as I am a gadget and decor nut… and that area is a major temptation for that stuff too. I’m a little constrained by the fact that I never drive over – and have a mile long hike to the ferry in the evening. (In fact, I just missed it, still getting the hang of the new location.)

    I, too, plan to cut way back on blogging starting Thu so I can focus my writing energy on Nanowrimo. I’m getting ready… I think. ;)

  5. Holy Says:

    Sounds great – we’ll have to plan another lunch date – I’ll schedule it to coincide with downtown shopping! :)

  6. Jeri Says:

    Holy, that would be great! I should be in ANC next week, but will be working back here the week of Nov 12. :)