Random Musings

So, there was no Seahawks game this weekend, thus eliminating my usual blog topic. So what do I do instead? Random musings, sports and otherwise:

Pat Helmet1. I watched some of the Patriots game this weekend (52-7 over the Redskins. It wasn’t that close). Barring injury, the rest of the league is playing for second place and below. New England is that good. I declare this, knowing full well the Pats are playing the Colts this weekend, and both are undefeated, and that game is this season’s “Game of the Millennium”. The Colts are good. The Pats are better. I admit am saying this in the hopes that my endorsement is as good as putting the entire Patriots squad on the covers of both Sports Illustrated AND the Madden NFL video games. That’s extreme bad luck to all you non-sporty types.

2. Why is Jerry Seinfeld making an animated movie about bees being treated as the second coming? Seriously, I have nothing against the guy, or animated movies, or even bees, but come on!

gore_tshirt.jpg3. If Al Gore is on top of the world, ask yourself: why isn’t he running for President? Then look at Hillary, and ask who will be her Secretary of State, if she wins. You heard it here first – at least a high cabinet position for staying out of the race.

4. So the Red Sox win the Series in 4. Combined with the Patriots, this will make Boston sports fans insufferable. (I would mention the Boston Celtics looking pretty good as well, but I have banned myself from thinking or talking about the NBA – and not because of the Sonics. I was a Blazers fan. I think the NBA is a wasteland now).

Alton5. Heroes needs to step it up this season. Battlestar Galactica and Lost need to get back on the air, already. When The Next Iron Chef is the most compelling TV I am watching, something is oddly wrong. However, I must say Alton Brown joins his long lost cousin Seahawk kicker Josh Brown in the pantheon of the gods.

6. Lost and Mission Impossible III’s J. J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Trek movie reboot fascinates me (pun fully intended, Spock fans). Weird casting. Rumors of a Spock-centered, alternate universe theme. Paramount praying that between this and Indiana Jones and the Lost Bottle of Geritol (ok, ok, I can’t resist the age joke, but will cop to hoping that Indy movie is good), they can be a mighty studio again. My prediction for now is that the failure to get a true big name A-lister to be in the movie dooms it to mediocre box office, something I’ve harped on Paramount about for a long time…they refuse to spend bucks on acting in the ST movie series and then are pissed the films don’t do better money- and critic- wise. The biggest name in this movie is Eric Bana; that’s better, but not great. Also, why the hell is Leonard Nimoy in this movie, and Shatner, in the midst of the most unlikely career renaissance ever, not in it? I know, Kirk is dead. Yeah, right, so was Spock.

2 Responses to “Random Musings”

  1. Shawn Powers Says:

    Ya know, I’m a republican, but since it’s almost a given that a democrat will be in office — I sure would rather that democrat be someone with a lockbox. Heck, I’d take Mondale/Ferraro over the current picks…

    I worry about the Star Trek movie a ton. I don’t know many of the details, but with the biggest actor being a man that scares the willies out of me, I’m less than thrilled. (If “Spock” murders someone to get their powers, I’ll be so ticked.) :)

  2. Becca Says:

    I love Alton Brown! I think that he rocks! :-)