Tailgating at the Ferry

Today when I pulled my car into line at the ferry terminal, I found myself in the middle of a big ol’ tailgate party.

I was heading over to the airport, but almost everyone else was on their way to the Seahawks game. (Bryan and his brother-in-law were in the walk-on area of the same boat.)

It was a truly glorious Indian summer day – golden orange leaves, slight sea breeze riffling the water and 75 degrees in the sun.

In front of me was a lively pickup football game. A couple lanes to my left was a 10 year old girls soccer team, bopping and giggling to hip hop music on one of their parents’ car stereos. Off to the right, at the newsstands, was a group of young parents and their café lattes & baby strollers, animatedly catching up on the news. All the local dogs and their owners spilled out of cars for one last stroll along the edge of the parking lot.

It’s a very different feeling than the 6:20am commuter ferry, where folks sleep behind the wheel, or blearily read their paper, slurping coffee like a lifeline. I enjoyed it.

One Response to “Tailgating at the Ferry”

  1. Beast Mom Says:

    Ah, sounds like a lovely autumn day. I like that the leaves are finally really turning. Our yard has a very autumn feel to it now – my favorite season as far as how it appears visually. :)


    p.s. I tagged you. ;)