Two Faces of Work

I am in Anchorage this week for project stuff.

Most of the time, when I work at home, I work in complete silent isolation, except for the puppies. I spend hours every day on the phone to Anchorage, but it’s just — phone contact. Occasionally I go into the Seattle office, which is thinly populated, and we all sit side by side and spend hourse on the phone to Anchorage.

When I’m in Anchorage, my workday is totally different. It’s face time, problem solving, and management by walking around, ten or more hours a day. There’s no time for documentation, reporting, analysis – my job becomes all about communication & interpersonal interaction.

Together it’s a good balance. I can catch up on organizational, analysis and documentation work when I work at home, and can balance that with the focused people time in Anchorage.

I have to admit, though, that while a bout of pure analysis can be very satisfying, I enjoy and really prefer the people-focused Anchorage work sessions.

One Response to “Two Faces of Work”

  1. isaac Says:

    I do too. I tend to be focused at home, but I feel involved when I’m on site. There’s just no substitute.