Ten Rounds with Insomnia

After an hour and a half of staring at the ceiling in the dark, I decided to get back up, take a couple of Benadryl, and browse the Net until I’m sleepier. The things that go through my mind when I can’t sleep really should be keeping me awake. The train runs something like this:

It is so late, I’m going to absolutely hate it in the morning. Should I get up and take something?
(After having finished Christopher Moore’s Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove) I wish I could write satire and humor with ease.
I wonder what his inspiration is for some of those scenes – particularly the weedwhacker?
The Mariners’ baseball game sure sucked tonight, and the officiating stunk too.
I shouldn’t have had that DQ buster bar; that plus no walk today makes it a pretty unhealthy day.

(scratch ankles)

I wish it weren’t already feeling like fall, we only took our boat out a couple of times this summer.
I am so, so, so frustrated about some recent decisions at work, but there’s nothing I can do about them.
I wonder what Ben’s going to end up taking in college, now that he’s already somewhat disenchanted with his most recent choice?
What time is it now? Ugh.

(flop over)

I wonder if the dogs will bark if I get up?
Should I take a dog with me when I go down to my mom’s this weekend?
Lyza is getting so sick and slow, I need to take her to our high-tech, upselling vet and am afraid of what she will tell me.
She also needs a bath and thorough grooming. (the dog, not the vet)
I forgot to make dentist appointments again today.
Should I make a hair appointment too?

(throw off covers)

Isn’t there anything I can do to resolve the issue at work? Anything?
I hope my husband isn’t getting sick, he was afraid he might be and he sounds congested.
I hope I don’t catch it.
Sheesh, I need some sleep for my immune system!

(fight with pillow)

Did I read somewhere that some lottery is now up to $310 million?
What in the world would I do with that kind of money?
I need new tires for the van and truck. I hate buying tires.
I need to take the car in to have its brakes worked on.
Has Ben gotten any more learner’s permit hours logged? If he’s gonna drive before he’s thirty he needs more time.


Why do I have such a bad case of writer’s block lately?
Why do I blog, anyway, and why are some posts so much more successful and conversation-starting than others?
I should use this unproductive time coming up with a blog post.
Does my current writer’s block bode poorly for my freelance writing ambitions?
It would be great to make a living at that and not have to deal with crap at work.
Zach should pick blackberries tomorrow. Oh, wait, make that today.
Good lord, it’s late, and my eyes are dry and open wide, not an ounce of sleepiness.

(put covers back on)

Did I mistakenly consume any caffeine this evening? (no)
Is my caffeine moratorium helping my headaches? I’m not so sure, and I do miss it.
Does Barq’s root beer have any caffeine? A root beer float sounds good.
Why is it so stuffy in this room?

(throw off covers)

If I could write like any writer I know, who would it be? Not Christopher Moore. Maybe CJ Cherryh? Dick Francis? Kristine Smith?
How would I know what my own writing voice is supposed to be like?
I need to write more. Lots more.
Should I do NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) this November?
Man, that would sure kill my blogging – and any focus at work.
Gaaah. Work.

(flop over)

My Treo is not working right for email and calendaring. I should sit down and figure that out.
I should work on my Cisco softphone too, it hasn’t worked since I migrated to Mac.
I really like my Mac, I should get them for my kids so they can use all the cool media software.
How much would a graphics tablet be if I can get a good deal?
What time is it now? Sigh. I think I’ll get up and go take some Benadryl.

(scratch ankles)

Will my husband worry if I’m not in bed?
Can I do this without waking up the dogs and making them bark?
Maybe we have some ice cream, I can make a root beer float. (nope)
OK, I’m getting up quietly. I’ll be back when I feel a little sleepier.

(creeping out of bed)

One Response to “Ten Rounds with Insomnia”

  1. Barb R Says:

    You are much more productive during your tossing and turning than I am. Usually I have only one or two thoughts, again, and again, and again….

    Then, finally, I remember there is better living through chemistry, and take three Calms tablets (from the grocery’s natural food section). Check ‘em out…but preferable before you have wasted three or four hours until you remember they are in the medicine cabinent.