Saturday Morning with the Geek Family

We had scones, jam and decaf coffee for breakfast, and now we’re all sitting around the family room in our pajamas.

Each of us has his/her own laptop computer in lap, connected to the Internet via secure wireless.

Zach’s browsing and commenting on his favorite Drunk Duck and DeviantArt graphic arts forums. If Ben were here he’d be hanging out on Gaia Online. Bryan’s surfing sports & entertainment news sites. And I am skimming my RSS reader contents and writing blog posts.

It’s really quiet, except for the occasional media file playing and the dogs snoring.

We’re pathetic geeks.

One Response to “Saturday Morning with the Geek Family”

  1. Becca Says:

    Nothing pathetic about that!

    Right now, I am the only one in the living room and I am on my laptop, getting ready to back up my laptop, so we can try, yet again, to install a bigger hard drive! Ugh!