Baseball is Actually Fun

IchiroI am not a big sports fan, and as I’ve mentioned, this sure isn’t a sports blog. I’m married to a sports guy, though, the kind who screams at the tv during the NFL season and watches the Masters every year.

Moving to the Puget Sound area a couple years ago has been a huge boon to him – he now has Seahawks season tickets, plus ad hoc opportunities to see the Mariners, Sonics (for now), Storm, Thunderbirds, and WSU/UW college football games (he’s a WSU alumnus).

Friday he had two excellent tickets to see the Mariners – tenth row, behind third base. Of all the pro sports that are out there, baseball is one that hasn’t appealed to me much. It’s long, and slow, and nothing much happens.

Surprisingly, I had a lot of fun! The Mariners pulled out a surprise win, Safeco field is amazing, and it was a balmy 70-degree summer night under the stars. I enjoyed people watching both on and off the field!

Lately I’ve glimpsed a couple episodes of a new Food Network show called “Kitchen: Impossible”, where an experienced chef is given impossible cooking challenges. The most recent one was to cook a gourmet meal for a 7th inning banquet out of only food found at the baseball park. While nearly impossible on the TV show, this would not be an issue at Safeco field!

The stand vendors were certainly selling the usual beer, peanuts and cotton candy – but also fresh lemonade and “shish-ka-berries”, chocolate dipped strawberries on a skewer.

There are over 50 different, local food vendors at the stadium – including bento boxes, Ivar’s fish and chips, salmon sandwiches, southern BBQ, tantalizing garlic fries and sushi – the last including the inventive “Ichi-roll”, with spicy tuna and daikon sprouts.

Watching the ball game was pretty fun too, especially with my sports-nut spouse.

Ichiro was amazing – not only for the bow-and-arrow hitting consistency, but also for his fielding. There is nothing that man can’t catch!

Bryan pointed out the three Joses (Vidro, Guillen, Lopez) in the starting lineup. “Hey, Jose, catch!” We got to watch Felix Hernandez – El Cartuela – in top form showing off his rifle-like pitching arm.

My only grumble, after the game, is why can’t the people in the inside seats STAY in their seats? We didn’t need to get up during the game – but had aisle seats. Those restless fans who couldn’t keep their behinds in their seat completely disregarded the courtesy of staying down during active play.

I would definitely go again! And – we are, on the 18th to watch the Mariners play the White Sox – taking Bryan’s folks and our oldest son.

4 Responses to “Baseball is Actually Fun”

  1. Tanya Says:

    Now you’re really making me miss Seattle!! I loved going to the Mariner games. Did you have Dixie’s BBQ?? And garlic fries??

    OK – now I’m hungry :(

  2. Holy Says:

    Going to a Mariners game is fun – I can skip watching them on TV but checking out all the game hoopla at Safeco is fun.

    I blogged about my first MLB experience in Oct 05…..!7B7FA8133DDA78D0!382.entry

    Hubby is going on the 17th – bobblehead night – but a section of the I-5 is closed between the 10th and 29th – traffic will be nuts.

    The only gross thing, food-wise, at the games is the garlic fries….I immediately start to gag within a 200 foot radius and must hold my breath until I am well past that evil vendor.


  3. Jeri Says:

    Tanya – we had dinner before we went so I just stuck with the berries. Boy it smelled good though!

    Holy – I actually like the smell of the garlic fries, and my son loves ‘em. You must not be a garlic fan… Ick on the I-5 closure – construction (and Seafair) traffic everywhere!

  4. Bill Says:

    Wait until you get to go to a National League game. That’s REAL baseball. They only field 9 players instead of the American League’s 10 players.