Cathedral Grove and Butterflies

Today’s expedition was to Cathedral Grove, part of the Pacific Rim National Preserve. Some of the ancient trees there are over 800 years old – they are the living definition of sacred space – they me feel tiny and humble.

Then we visited the Butterfly World and Orchid Gardens, a beautiful change of scenery.

Roadside Deer
Roadside deer.
Cathedral Grove
Cathedral grove.
Jeri’s Tree
Jeri’s tree.
Trunk Silhouettes
Trees in the sun.
Bryan’s Tree
Bryan under the trees.
Mossy Trees
Spanish moss.
Butterfly and Caterpillars
Butterfly and caterpillars.

2 Responses to “Cathedral Grove and Butterflies”

  1. Tanya Says:

    Sounds like you’re having a great time on your vacation. We went to the Butchart Gardens a couple of years ago – such a beautiful place!

  2. Jeri Says:

    Tanya – I’d love to go to the Butchart Gardens every season one year, they are fantastic.