Beaches and Bears

Bryan Long BeachYesterday we drove to the Pacific side of Vancouver Island, to the little surf town of Tofino.

It was a beautiful, if slow, drive over the mountain backbone of the island. Tofino was completely charming – atlhough I think we may have been the only people in town over 21 and I’m surprised they served us in the coffee shop.

Tofino TidepoolWe spent some time wandering the very gorgeous Long Beach. It’s my favorite kind of beach – easy access, firm sand, miles and miles of space to wander, and lots of rocky outcrops and tide pools to poke around in for treasure.

On the way back, we encountered a nominee for the Darwin award. Bryan slowed down because there was a car only partially off the road to the side up ahead. As we neared, we saw these things: 1 – a black bear about ten feet off the road, snacking on shrubbery, and 2 – a beaming tourist, rushing back from his car on foot, camera in hand, ready to grab the picture.

Hello, it’s a BEAR! Although it may be the size of a Newfoundland retriever, it’s not going to be nearly as receptive to close-up photography. Why in the world would anyone rush a bear on foot with a camera? Maybe his logic was, “Roadside bears are domesticated bears.” “It’s so little, it’s probably a cub, so it won’t be aggressive.” “I bet I can outrun it.” “It looks like a vegetarian bear.”

I sure hope I don’t read about him in today’s paper

And no, I didn’t get a picture. ;)

2 Responses to “Beaches and Bears”

  1. Holy Says:

    Happens.all.the.time. We saw it whenever we’d travel from Banff to Jasper in the Cdn Rockies. The tourists outside of their vehicles trying to get a picture with the bear. Irony is, they might very well just get that Kodak moment – as front page of the local paper with the bear atop them tearing them apart.

    So many Darwin awards waiting to happen….and just think: this guy might well be a CEO of a large corporation that you depend on for something. Scary, eh?

  2. Jeri Says:

    Coming from Alaska, as we do, I guess we take respect for bears for granted. Strange stuff…