Butchart Gardens

We spent our first day on Vancouver Island going to visit one of my favorite places – the Butchart Gardens.

These 103 year old gardens, originally carved out of a rock quarry, include some 55 acres of carefully cultivated land. We never saw a single spotted leaf, pest, weed, dead branch, even anything so prosaic as mulch – just mounds and thickets and glens of glorious trees, shrubs and flowers.


Beautiful begonias.
Sunken Garden

Sunken garden.
Sunken Pond

Sunken pond.

Day lilies.
Private Tea Garden

Private tea garden.

Huge rose.
Passion Flower

Passion flower.
Japanese Pond

Japanese garden.

Wouldn’t it be glorious to be a master gardener in a place like that? You’d create in color, texture, scent and bloom season like an artist, a sculptor, and then be able to touch, feel, see, walk about within your vision throughout the year.

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