On Inheritance

I don’t want my parents to leave me any inheritance. They earned it and I want them to spend every dime! In the best of all possible worlds we want them to break even at the end of the day.

They worked very hard to provide for our family when my sister and I were children, to live comfortably as empty-nesters and prepare for retirement in later years. They made sacrifices and invested hard work, and owe us nothing of those resources – except the knowledge that they’re using them to enjoy life to the fullest.

My dad is gone now, but my mom is healthy and thriving. I wish her many more years of adventure – all the travel, RVs, yard tractors, new computers, home projects and dog events her heart desires. I’d like her to be just a little spendthrift at this point in her life!

We’d sure prefer she got to spend every dime she has enjoying every day to the fullest, not on colonoscopies, dental work and long-term care – we’ll help with the latter, if it comes down to it.

If I see any money at the end of the day I’ll be quite cranky.

In the same spirit, I plan to earn my own resources, support my children well while they’re in my home, and then do my best to spend the rest throughout my lifetime.

One Response to “On Inheritance”

  1. HOLY Says:

    I concur…

    I wish my in-laws would adopt the philosophy of spending and enjoying rather than remaining fixating on leaving inheritance for their two children – one whom is a blood sucking leech, hypochondriac, dependent adult who has cost them hundreds of thousands over the years and has long spent her inheritance anyways and has taught her kids that sponging off the goodwill and generosity of their grandparents and safety nets for the lazy like welfare programs, without having to work do a thing in life, will get them far in life too.

    …and the other who has been working hard and earning money for himself steady since his paperboy days and continues to do just fine but who struggles to find the balance between wanting to do well by his children and wanting to instill in them the same drive and work ethic to make their own way and make a difference in the world.

    I’ve actually told my MIL that she should consider finding a charity…

    I read this awesome book called The Soul of Money, which I talk about alot but I do believe, when money has guilt and greed attached…it only fosters more of it.

    But when it is used altruistically, there’s a magic and soul to it.