Non-Hollywood Heroes

Lately I’ve been thinking about who my heroes are, and why they inspire me. They have all worked to make our world a better place. Some are leaders, and some accomplish noteworthy feats alone. Most are brilliant thinkers. Diversely people of faith, politics, science and the arts, and in no particular order, my list includes:

Mother Teresa – Nobel prize winner, humanitarian leader and candidate for sainthood.

Martin Luther King Jr – Brilliant, charismatic leader and Nobel Prize winner for his work in the civil rights movement.

Susan B Anthony – Early suffragette; was instrumental in establishing the 19th amendment.

Sally Ride – Now a physics professor, Dr. Ride was the first American woman astronaut in space.

Paul Allen – One of the founders of Microsoft, he has retired, started up a number of enterprises including venture capital funding and a charitable foundation, owns two pro sports teams and has dated a pro tennis player.

John Muir – Early preservationist and environmentalist; founded the Sierra club.

Ann Lamott – Insightful author and writing teacher who overcame alcoholism and drug addiction to write about her liberal faith, politics, motherhood and hope.

Elizabeth Dole – Influential political leader and senator for North Carolina; displayed immense integrity as a presidential candidate’s wife and a potential vice-presidential candidate.

Leonardo Da Vinci – 15th century artist, engineer, scientist, mathematician, inventor and writer. Some call him the genesis of the term “renaissance man”.

Lynne Cox
– Noted distance swimmer who uses her hazardous cross-border swims, e.g. Alaska to Russia, to draw attention to global peace.

They have made the world a better place, and I am grateful.

4 Responses to “Non-Hollywood Heroes”

  1. HOLY Says:

    Cool list! Susan B. Anthony was a famous UU, u know.

    Hmmm…I think I would have to add Dorothee Soelle, Jesus, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Mattie Stapanek, Erin Kramp, Edward Said, Christopher Reeve, Rosa Parks, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Anne Frank, Eli Wiesel, plus some notable Canadians – namely Terry Fox, Tommy Douglas, Frederick Banting, and Alexander Graham Bell to the mix.

  2. Jeri Says:

    Now I have some new folks to look up! I didn’t know who Dorothee Soelle, Erin Kramp, Edward Said, Tommy Douglas, or Frederick Banting were. ::blushing::

    And – I should have put a few of those on my list – I admire Christopher Reeve and Dietrich Bonhoeffer in particular.

  3. HOLY Says:

    Canadian were busy defining their heroes a couple of years back and that’s how Tommy Douglas’ name got bantered about. He really was instrumental in the formation of social systems and human rights in Canada. And Frederick Banting is part of our first and foremost list of impressive individuals.

    You simply must read Dorothee Soelle…her voice is inspiring. And the courage of her convictions gives pause.

  4. Jeri Says:

    I got Dorothee’s book last week. :)