Travelogue – Top Fifty

Yesterday’s blog on international cities made me think… I really want to spend time and energy on travel and seriously see the world.

I have since been brainstorming a list… it rapidly turned into a top 50. It’d be interesting to group this into trips and do some pricing — although I love arranging travel for myself and my family.

Here they are – Jeri’s top 50 places to see, do and be in the next 50 years. Pardon the lack of hyperlinks to place info, that would take an incredible amount of time!

Alaska – cruise the inside passage
Alaska – view midnight sun above Arctic circle
Arizona – river raft the Grand Canyon
Australia – scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
Burma – retrace my family’s steps
Burma – The Shwedagon Pagoda
Cambodia – Angkor Wat temple ruins
Canada – Halifax and the Bay of Fundy
Chile – The Moai Statues on Easter Island
China – the Great Wall
China – Tienanmen Square
Denmark – Little Mermaid
Egypt – the pyramids and the Sphinx
England – walk the Yorkshire moors
England – Tate Museum and National Gallery, London
England – Tower of London and Tower Bridge
England, France – the Channel Tunnel
Europe – cruise the Rhine river
France – the Louvre in Paris
Georgia, Maine – walk the Appalachian trail
Germany – the Berlin Wall
Greece – the Parthenon in Athens
Hawaii – Kilauea volcano lava flow
Hawaii – swim the Ironman course
India – the Taj Mahal
Iran – the Throne Hall of Persepolis
Ireland – tour the castles
Israel – wailing wall and the hill of Golgotha
Italy – culinary tour of Tuscany
Italy – ruins at Pompeii
Italy – cruise the canals of Venice
Italy – the Colosseum in Rome
Jordan – Petra, the rock-carved city
Nepal – Mount Everest
New York – see a show on Broadway
New York – Statue of Liberty
New York – the Empire State Building
New York – the Museum of Modern Art
New Zealand – hiking, biking, kayaking
Norway – cruise the fjords
Panama – traverse the Panama Canal by boat
Peru – the Inca city of Machu Picchu
Russia – Red Square in Moscow
San Francisco – Swim Around the Rock
Scotland – Loch Ness and Urquhardt castle
South Dakota – Mount Rushmore Nat’l Memorial
Spain – La Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Barcelona
Switzerland – hike the Alps
Tahiti – charter a sailboat
Washington DC during cherry blossom season
Wyoming – Old Faithful/Yellowstone Nat’l Park
Yugoslavia – sunbathe on the Dalmatian coast
Zambia – Victoria Falls

2 Responses to “Travelogue – Top Fifty”

  1. HOLY Says:

    OK, so yo’ve actually got a pretty achievable list going on, if you break it down into regions.

    You could feasibly lump Tahiti and Australia into one trip – I did NZ and Fiji that way.

    And Burma, Cambodia, and Nepal and India could be their own little circle excursion.

    So could Egypt and Israel and Iran and Jordan and Greece, although I’d give the first three a time-out for a few years.

    And Europe is doable is you hub-and-spoke it from one locale like Switzerland – that’s how we covered France and Italy and a bit of Austria – it was brilliant.

    And your US dreams are do-able – a getaway a summer.

    Which leaves China and Ireland and Zambia and Yugoslavia and Demark and a bunch of other places.

    Too many places, not enough time but 50 years….heck, achievable.

    I’d start with seeing if your generous employer would splurge on an inside passage cruise instead of a flight next trip up. Whadya think? :)

  2. Jeri Says:

    We’re actually doing a long US road trip this summer and hitting a few of those locales.

    The really encouraging thing was I listed ALL my great places, and crossed out the ones I’d already been to in the US, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and the UK – that was another 20 or so – so I’m making progress!