New Toy

I have a confession to make. There is an area where I am NOT a geek, where I am so far behind the pack that I am an embarrassingly late adopter.

After buying Bryan an iPod for his birthday, and ensuring my kids were tricked out with the appropriate MP3 players (thanks, Grandma Jackie!!), my spouse got me one for Christmas. It’s a cute, tiny, peridot green nano with 4Gb of storage. I am glad he didn’t get me the video, I prefer the tiny form factor of the nano.

After loading about 36 hours worth of music on it, mostly from CD but some from the iTunes store as well, and playing with it both on my computer and in walkaround mode, I have to say it’s pretty awesome! I can load only the music I like from albums, pick and choose favorites from multiple decades, and cut across all genres. It occurs to me – these little devices probably get to be as personal as toothbrushes, as purely custom as the music mix becomes over time.

So I now get to load and listen to music as diverse as Allison Krauss and AC/DC, Bach and U2, and Peter Paul and Mary and Pantera, in excellent audio quality and gapless playback. My collection has ended up evenly split at about 8 hours country, 8 hours folk, and 8 hours rock, with the remainder metal, pop, classical and show tunes. Sweet.

Note to self: do not untangle Christmas lights for storage while wearing iPod earbuds. The result is messy!

One Response to “New Toy”

  1. Slat Rat Says:

    Ooooh – welcome to “hip-hood!!!!”

    Very snazzy looking iPod!