Weird Vegas Jobs

One fascinating thing I noticed in Vegas were the jobs that exist there – and probably nowhere else on the planet. Can you imagine the newspaper help wanted section?

Stiltwalker - Must be able to walk on stilts, make balloon animals, and assist volcano dance performer for 8 hour shift. Must have strong bladder. Apply at Margaritaville.

Lei Hostess – Must be attractive, flat chested, and able to wear coconut shell bra, grass skirt and go barefoot on stone floors for a full shift – and ask restaurant patrons whether they’d like to get lei’d with a straight face. Apply in person at Kahunaville.

Juggling, Whistling Bartender – Bartender with cheerleading background preferred. Must be able to juggle glass bottles and lead cheering, shouting sessions and referee piano duels on a regular basis. Apply at Kahunaville – be prepared to demo juggling skills.

Singing Gondolier – Must have boat handling, water safety and rescue, great sense of balance, and excellent a capella singing skills. Must be generally outgoing and gregarious with customers and look good in horizontal black and white stripes. Apply at the Venetian.

Underwater Stagehand – Certified master scuba diver to support artists underwater with octopus oxygen regulators and assistance on and off the set underwater. Submit application to “O”, care of Cirque du Soleil. (Thanks to my retired showgirl massage therapist for this one! Her husband is an “O” rescue diver and underwater stagehand.)

Pirate - Professional pirate for the Sirens show – must be able to dance, do own stunts, swim in warm and cold water, and handle fireworks and explosives. Tattoos, piercings and long hair a plus. Apply at Treasure Island.

Card Distributor – Not sure what to call this one – but there are always a crew of skeevy folks handing out cards for the ladies of the evening after the sun goes down. How do they get hired – and paid?

The other difference that Bryan and I noticed is that most cities are about 66% day shift, M-F workers, and the remainder evening and night shift workers in the service or health care industries. Vegas has got to be the reverse, with a support infrastructure of child care, health care and other services to match.

One Response to “Weird Vegas Jobs”

  1. slatrat Says:

    Don’t forget about the shady characters hounding out playbills, etc. on the sidewalks…Anything from show tickets to whores.